Steve Kara

Advantage Health Sport Fitness Training Malvern



Steve Kara is the Managing Director and head trainer of Advantage Health Sports Fitness Training at 120 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern.

Born in New South Wales Australia, Steve has always had a passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle from a very young age. Steve is an Australian Registered Fitness professional and has been coaching for many years. He has managed several large successful Health and Fitness facilities in Melbourne.

Steve is qualified in Strength and Conditioning, Swimming, AFL football, Martial Arts, MMA, Lifeguarding, Sports Medicine, Remedial Therapies and Sports Administration. He achieved his black belt in 1983 and has designed and registered Box 'N' Kick class which has been running for over 14 years. The class is based on mixed martial arts styles and boxing techniques. Steve has worked as a martial arts referee at state level and has trained a countless number of clients, students and instructors through the years, ranging from elite sportspeople, celebrities, to the absolute beginner. Steve is also founder and Master Instructor of Pilsung Elite Taekwondo Academy which was established in 2008.

Steve has appeared in fitness magazines and radio and has dedicated his working life to his profession, Steve has worked for professional sporting organisations like the Collingwood Football Club, Melbourne Rugby Union and the Melbourne Storm. He is currently working as official trainer for the National Rugby League and the Australian Rugby League, working at international and national levels. Steve also travels to the United States of America to train Fitness Professionals.

Steve has the experience and passion to help guide you in your quest to live and learn skills to enrich your life and be the best that you can be.